one and only

Elise George || 18 || FC: Vanessa Hudgens || Ships: Harry Jones. End Game: Charlie Holland. || TAKEN.

Elise was never the most popular girl at school, but she didn’t mind. She had her friends, family and Josh. That was all she would ever need. Her and Josh were childhood sweethearts, they’d known each other forever, literally. They’d been joined at the hip since before they could walk or talk and had been inseparable ever since. All their life they’d been best friends, and once they were fourteen they began dating. But they weren’t doing the whole ‘We’re the real life One Day couple!’ cliché act so many people did. No, they were well and truly in love with each other, even a stranger could see it. The way they looked at each other, how their faces would light up when the other was mentioned, how happy they were when they were together. They were the one couple no one would have ever expected to break up, but they did. Only not by choice. Summer of 2011 saw Elise’s world fall apart in front of her. Josh had signed up for an army camp that Summer out in Iraq, so he could get a taste of what it would be like, seeing as he was considering it as his career. But everything went wrong. He was probably safer out in Iraq than he was on that plane. They said it was an engine failure. The plane fell halfway across the ocean, only three people survived the fall, and not one of them was Josh. Josh was Elise’s other half, he completed her and she didn’t know how to live without him. They’d always been together, they were always seen as one. The memories were the only thing that kept Elise going, all the pictures they had together, but most importantly, her locket. Josh had given it to her on her 16th birthday, with ‘forever yours’ engraved onto the back. It was the one piece of Josh Elise still had with her, the one thing that kept her going. But soon it just wasn’t enough. She went crazy with the grief, everything reminded her of Josh, and it all became too much. A year after Josh’s death, Elise went to attempt suicide. Standing on the cliff edge, her toes curled over the edge, she was ready to jump. She was ready to finally be reunited with Josh. But as she leaned forward, her eyes locked on a pink envelope in the tree, addressed to her. Instantly she recognised Josh’s handwriting. Grabbing the letter, she ran home, and slowly learnt how to get her life back on track.

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